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    We are helping Polish manufacturers to tap foreign markets.

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Professionalism. Experience. Know-how. Who we are

Your product attracts plenty of interest, but do you find you are unable to make contact with and maintain continued relationships with international customers? Does domestic market competition lead to a drop in profits? Do you expect your company to grow quicker? Do you wish to diversify your income sources, markets and minimise your business risk?

Thing about international trade without creating greenfield, brownfield or join venture – think about export. With us, it will be easier and cheaper than you think.

International trade is a great opportunity for many Polish businesses. Examples of companies such as Ursus, Drutex, Fakro, Nowy Styl, and Solaris show us that hard and systematic work supported with knowledge and experience, delivers expected results and success.

You no longer have to:

  • recruit managers and export department specialists
  • provide training for your staff
  • invest in communication, marketing, and PR outside the country
  • source new clients and negotiate on your own
  • deal with legal and administrative related issues

We will take care of this and you can do what you do best!
Our service will provide you success and international sales without high capital input.

International Trade Office Wilmański & Pawlik, provides professional services for small and medium-sized businesses, in the range of international trade. Our offer is addressed to both Polish as well as foreign companies, who are interested in internationalization of their business.

We possess many years of experience in active sourcing of new markets, which became a pillar for effective development of our clients. Each and every project receives our maximum energy and commitment. A partner’s cooperation with their client is the foundation of our business model.

Reduce cost. Maximize profit. Why outsourcing

Human resources issues and the lack of know-how in the field of sourcing international clients are a frequent problem for small to medium-sized businesses, restricting their expansion into new markets.

High maintenance cost of running an export department (workspace creation, training, management and work organization), prevent many small and medium-sized manufacturers from finding new partners. These factors realistically deprive them of the opportunities for quicker growth and achieving competitive advantages. It does not have to be like this, your company can also reap the benefits of the international trade of goods, without incurring high cost.

Individual solutions How we operate

1. Establishing cooperation

  • Defining conditions, verification of the company's potential and its products, together with competition advantages.

2. Export strategy

  • Preparation of the marketing mix elements and designation of the market goals.

3. Market analysis

  • Verification of the macro and micro economic environment, together with market segmentation.
  • Selection of target customers.
  • Prospecting, incorporating product specificity and the potential of both the manufacturer and the client.

4. Order

  • Offer preparation, negotiation of the terms of cooperation along with comprehensive pre-sale support.
  • Handover of the order to the producer and his support during the process of the execution.

5. Order finalization

  • Issuing the invoice and supporting documents by the manufacturer, based on the order handed over by the International Trade Office W&P.
  • Post sale support.

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Planning. Management. Implementation. Our offer

  • Regular cooperation in the range of gaining new sales markets.
  • Developing and constant verification of clients database in a monthly cycle.
  • Designing and distribution of marketing materials, along with the price offer required on each step of negotiations, including all the necessary translations.
  • Competition and market conditioning analysis.
  • Building brand awareness.
  • Conducting mail and phone communication throughout the whole period of cooperation.
  • Verification and prospecting of potential clients.
  • Trade negotiations and intermediation in the order processing or its after-sales service.
  • Close cooperation during the entire process of order execution.
  • Assistance with the cost of transport evaluation and selection of the optimal logistics solution.
  • Basic verification of the clients credibility.

  • Product and competition analysis – report based on a 3-month research.
  • Consultancy and collaboration in preparing contracts and agreements, in both English and Polish (exclusivity and bonus agreement, cyclical supply contract, etc.).
  • Trade missions and trade fairs attendance.
  • Direct business trips.
  • Website translation.
  • Consultancy in the range of marketing and international trade law.

WHAT CAN MY COMPANY GAIN? Benefits from cooperation

Saving time and money

Effective international expansion


Diversification of the risk and sources of income

Professional advice and customer service


Company details

Biuro Handlu Zagranicznego Wilmański & Pawlik,
Marcin Wilmański

Radkowice 8, 26-060 Chęciny

+48 41 314 20 23


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